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  • Anime Fighting Jam - NEW VERSION 2 Anime Fighting Jam - NEW VERSION 2 53898 plays Cool!!! Anime Fighting game featuring Naruto! Similar to King of Fighters.

    If you like this game, remember to tell your friends, so that they can challenge you!
  • King of fighters wing - new version 2 King of fighters wing - new version 2 26902 plays Best and latest version of the classic King of Fighters series game including Ryu.

    - Released all 7 characters,with 5 hidden type characters
    - Added new effects
    - Added new stages
    - Improved "Simple Key Mode", launching skills with one key is possible

    This game is an extremely large file (14.59 Megabytes), and will take a long while to load.
    Please be patient.
  • Swords and Sandals 2 full version Swords and Sandals 2 full version 13727 plays Your ultimate goal is to defeat all the arena champions and reign as champion yourself struggling, try a different strategy.

    (This game is a large file and will take a long while to load (2.7 Megabytes))

    Can You Complete the game before your friends?!
  • Box Head - 2Play Box Head - 2Play 9568 plays The most awaited third sequel to the successful Boxhead series has finally arrive. With more rooms and finally with cooperative and deathmatch mode, this is surely the best of the Boxhead series. Grab a friend now coz its time to bring on some carnage!
  • Swords and Sandals 3: Solo Stratus Swords and Sandals 3: Solo Stratus 9136 plays Swords & Sandals III:Solo Ultratus hurls you into the greatest gladiator tournament on the planet. Forget all you thought you knew about Swords & Sandals and prepare yourself for the quest of a thousand lifetimes! Powerful new Arena Champions await you. Are you ready to become the ultimate gladiator?
  • Age of War Age of War 7970 plays Through five different ages of evolution, you must survive by attacking all that attack you.
  • Diner Dash: Hometown Hero Diner Dash: Hometown Hero 4752 plays On a visit to her hometown, Flo and her Grandma Florence take a stroll down memory lane. Bring five restaurants back to life, and meet new customers like the Hungry Man and the Celebrity. Take special care of customers with reservations and place flowers at tables in order to make diners happier. Stuck with a 4-person group and no 4-person tables? Now you can move tables together to create a larger table. Help restore Flo`s hometown now!

    Keep customers happy by serving them as fast as you can! The happier they are, the more points you'll earn. Reach the target number of points to win a level. If the customer wait too long. They'll get upset and leave. Click and drag a customer group to clean table.
  • Unreal Flash 2007 Unreal Flash 2007 4305 plays Unreal Tournament soldiers, now here comes your 2D solution. Master all mission in this nice remake.
  • Interactive Buddy Interactive Buddy 4191 plays You have your own buddy which you can do pretty much anything to... Torture him, throw a baseball bat at his head, or light him on fire. Its all up to you.
  • Feudalism 2 Feudalism 2 3505 plays Conquer the world, make it tremble before your feet in the largest and most complex RPG / Action Combat hybrid ever made!
  • Santa's Reindeer Care Santa's Reindeer Care 2729 plays

    Game about taking care of Santa\\’s reindeer and dressing him up for Christmas.

  • Sonny 2 Sonny 2 2573 plays Dear Human,

    By now you know what it's like to be a Zombie. To be hunted. To be hated. You fought to survive in a world that didn't make any sense.

    But now you're getting used to it. Your senses have sharpened. You finally begin to understand. Why be the prey...

    ...When you can be the predator?


    * Three New Classes
    * Five New Zones
    * Improved AI!
    * Hundreds of New Items
    * Local PvP Mode
    * Three Difficulty Settings
    * Fully Voiced Storyline

    PS: Sorry about the long wait!

    - Krin
  • Ashley's Christmas Treats Ashley's Christmas Treats 2548 plays

    Game about cooking special Christmas cakes for friends and loved ones.

  • Santa's Sleigh Parking Santa's Sleigh Parking 2503 plays

    In this fun Christmas game you have to make sure Santa completes his mission to deliver all the presents in time. You will start steering his sleigh on land until you get to the toy factory and get all the gifts ready. Then you will have to fly above rooftops, until you find the right one and throw the presents into the horns. You have to make sure you get enough presents for each house. Have a lot of fun!

  • Yepi Side Kick 2007 Yepi Side Kick 2007 2402 plays Batman, Dr. Evil, Jay Leno, everybody has got a sidekick! Here's your Sidekick if you're a kicker dude!? Play soccer (football) against the comp or a friend
  • Don't Eat My Tractor Don't Eat My Tractor 2135 plays

    Try do deliver animals and milk to the market. Easy? But look up in the sky. Aliens came from distant galaxy. They are hungry. And they don't like milk by the way.

  • Endless War 7 Endless War 7 1990 plays It's endless war between the nations and there's chaos everywhere. Grab your crew and unleash the ultimate fire power of the majestic tank on your way to victory
  • Peppy's Pet Caring - Cute Rat Peppy's Pet Caring - Cute Rat 1938 plays

    Hi friends this naughty Rat is going to a party, but he is very dirty and his body is full of mud. Clean Rat and also feed him before he goes to the party. Make Rat look awesome in the photo shoot by dressing him in a cute outfit.

  • TT Racer TT Racer 676 plays Are you a road warrior? Did you missed the 2013 Isle Of Man TT Motorcycle racing festival? Play TT Racer and take part at the ultimate, fast-paced event. In this cool first person racing game you have to challenge other talented riders on hazardous mountain courses as you try to beat the time and reach the finish line first. Can you unlock all tracks and win the Tourist Trophy racing? Much fun!
  • Bomb it 7 Bomb it 7 327 plays n/a

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